Pictures at the only live performance in The Netherlands

Dec 23

In spite of a national ban on all events Piet-Hein Out still attended a live performance to provide the organizers with pictures. Dave's Winter Variété was aptly renamed Dave's Corona Variété and it was during the television registration that Piet-Hein Out was able to take his pictures. It was the only live circus/variety performance in The Netherlands that December 2020.



Cirque Berserk

Nov 21

Piet-Hein Out created the new brochure of Cirque Berserk brand new show at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2019-2020 as well as providing the circus with plenty of press photography. More information and tickets can be found on


Zippos Circus 2019

Apr 9

This Easter the new souvenir brochures will arrive at Zippos Circus on Blackheath. The brochures have been designed by Circus photographer Piet-Hein Out who also took all the pictures used in the brochure.

The pictures were taken during the first couple of performances and added to the design in direct co-operation with Zippos Circus founder and owner Martin Burton.

25 year jubilee

Jun 13

Twenty-five years ago in 1993 I started taking pictures in the circus. Several years later I ended up selling my first pictures. I did the math a couple of times but there is no way around it, this year I need to celebrate a quarter of a century in circus photography. Not bad for a young, vibrant 36 year old ;-). You might have noticed that this website has been renewed, I hope you like it. Feel free to follow my Circus Photographer activities on Facebook and/or Instagram.


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