Cirque Berserk

Nov 21

Piet-Hein Out created the new brochure of Cirque Berserk brand new show at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2019-2020 as well as providing the circus with plenty of press photography. More information and tickets can be found on


Zippos Circus 2019

Apr 9

This Easter the new souvenir brochures will arrive at Zippos Circus on Blackheath. The brochures have been designed by Circus photographer Piet-Hein Out who also took all the pictures used in the brochure.

The pictures were taken during the first couple of performances and added to the design in direct co-operation with Zippos Circus founder and owner Martin Burton.

25 year jubilee

Jun 13

Twenty-five years ago in 1993 I started taking pictures in the circus. Several years later I ended up selling my first pictures. I did the math a couple of times but there is no way around it, this year I need to celebrate a quarter of a century in circus photography. Not bad for a young, vibrant 36 year old ;-). You might have noticed that this website has been renewed, I hope you like it. Feel free to follow my Circus Photographer activities on Facebook and/or Instagram.


Image Jury member in Girona

Feb 27

Piet-Hein Out was a jury member at the Festival Internacional Elefant d'Or de Girona. As part of the photo jury he was judging the esthetics of the circus acts. In this edition his particular focus was on the way acts pose an interesting challenge for a circus photographer. As many artists know circus photography is all about 'catching the exact moment'. The price of the Photo Jury was awarded to Audrey and Thomas (France - USA) for their Duo Trapeze act in which somersaults and other highly skilled jumps were performed at high speed.

Picture by Pierre Gautier.

From Left to Right: Kiril - Piet-Hein - Thomas - Audrey - Stefan and Bertrand.