Zippos Circus 2018 Picture by Piet-Hein Out


Are you available for photoshoots?

Yes I am! just contact me via info(@) and tell me when and where you would need me and what you would need the pictures for (Press, Souvenir Brochure, Poster, etcetera). I will get back to you asap with a proposal and cost indication.

Did the artists pose for you?

Most of the pics on this site taken in full circus show action! Naturally if I take pictures that need to be used for graphic designs I do sometimes take posed portraits. But I prefer to take action shots because the buzz of the audiences gives artists the extra twinkle in their eyes.

Do you flash during shows?

Never! Nowadays because of the haze and smoke effects a flash will, probably, ruin your picture. Also in many circuses flash photography isn't allowed at all because it bothers other spectators, not to mention artists and/or performing animals. 

I saw a picture of a beautiful acrobat on your site. Can I buy it and do you have her/his contact details?

Sorry no, I only sell images to artists on a picture if they like them or circus owners who have booked artists that are on a photo I took.

Can we invite you as guest speaker?

I can be booked as a speaker for all kinds of functions and with all kinds of topics. From speaking about the wonderful circus world to tips and trick of circus photography. Feel free to contact me with a date, time and topic and I will let you know if I am available and how much it would cost.

I would like to see more work from you

Well better start looking at my Facebook Page and Instagram