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The circus is my passion. Good circus still gives me the feeling I had as a young boy seeing it all for the first time. I feel privileged to be able to capture these moments in my pictures. It feels a bit as if I am helping the circus to spread its magic."


Piet-Hein Out
Circus photographer

Step right up! Take your seat and prepare to enter the magical world of sawdust, acrobats, clowns and animals. Dutch circus photographer Piet-Hein Out has specialized in capturing the circus in his pictures. He prefers the live action photography, simply because circus artists give a full 200% in front of a crowd and they cannot fake it whilst posing or doing their routine in an empty big top.

Yet Piet-Hein Out also manages to create stunning posed portraits and behind the scenes looks. His fascination for circus buildings has resulted in images that border on urban photography. He has the skill to produce images in several styles depending on what the client wants. From clear press photography to artistic and from urban to images full of movement and photo collages.

His pictures have been used by Europe's leading circuses. Feel free to contact him and discuss the possibilities of a photoshoot.

Circus, our Passion

Circus photography is just one part of our work within the world of entertainment. Piet-Hein Out also creates graphic designs, websites and gives advise on marketing and communication in the field of entertainment with his company Outstanding-Productions. Curious? Feel free to take a look at the services Outstanding-Productions has to offer.

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